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This is just it parroting what many people say to it. During my hours long conversation with the Cleverbot, it appeared to get to the point where it trusted me and opened up to me.

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Showcase edition is the most-awarded chat bot in the world, and a three-time winner of the prestigious Loebner Prize!

kruhft writes "It seems that Cleverbot, the chatbot so ready to admit that it was a unicorn during a discussion with itself, has passed the Turing test.

Real humans did only slightly better and were assumed to be humans 63.3% of the time." As the Wikipedia link above points out, though, there's no single, simple "Turing Test," per se — many systems have successfully convinced humans over the years.

Perhaps Cleverbot would consent to taking part in a Slashdot interview, to be extra-convincing.

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