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The smell of tires, metal, and grease — that place was like a second home to me, and the guys in the shop were all like my big brothers. I was honestly comfortable being single; I didn't think that much of it."Who is this guy, anyway?On this particular afternoon, they all started teasing me. " I asked, since they all seemed to know him for some reason."Oh, they call him Hot John," someone said, laughing. There was no way I was going out in that lobby to strike up a conversation with some guy called Hot John.Stephen Bear's ex Vicky, who has been engaged in the past to former Geordie Shore co-star Ricci Guarnaccio, admitted she had no idea John was about to pop the question, saying: "In the days leading up to the proposal, I had convinced myself he was about to break up with me!She added: "We’d had a difficult few weeks because I had been really busy with work and couldn’t make it up to see him…Pattinson made all of her fans excited previously by revealing her engagement with fiance John Noble a week ago and the revelation of her wedding was the cherry on top.

icky Pattinson as her wedding date has been disclosed.

He owns his own clothing line named ' Little And Large' who delivers outfits that are tailor made.

Like 2014’s queen of the jungle, John hails from the North and lives in Newcastle.

While it was believed the pair first met and got together last year, Vicky recently revealed that wasn't the case at all.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby on Celebrity Juice back in May when questioned about their romance and how long they'd been together, Vicky replied: "He's recycled." "I used to go out with him when I was about 20, so we were going out then.

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